Smart hours of Oppo unlike Apple Watch are charged in 5 minutes

Smart hours of Oppo unlike Apple Watch are charged in 5 minutes

Against Apple Watch premiere the Chinese producer of Oppo smartphones declared work over smart hours which are charged in only five minutes. The company calls it «an instant charging». Such feature will be received by a new gadget of Oppo which, as expected, leaves in style of classical hours with the round display and will work under control of the Android Wear operating system for nosimy devices.

About extraordinary fast charging it became known from the message in the social Weibo network which is the Chinese analog of Twitter. If information proves to be true, the product of Oppo will seriously surpass hours of Apple Watch which, according to the last data, are charged about two hours in time of a charging of the battery.

The Oppo company created to itself reputation on sales of high-efficiency Android-smartphones at the acceptable prices. The Oppo Find 7 smartphone debuting in 2014, united in itself the best from Samsung, Apple, Sony and HTC, but almost for a half of the price which is offered by his competitors.

It should be noted that Oppo already has successful experience in area of a fast charging. So, the Vooc technology realized in the Find 7 model, allows to provide in only 5 minutes the smartphone with a charge which continuous conversation suffices at two o’clock. The same system can be applied by o’clock.

For the last year popularity of clever hours increased. More and more the companies join in this game. Samsung, LG, Motorola, Huawei and other technological giants let out minicomputers on a wrist. However still the main problem there is time of completion of a stock of energy. While any of the offered smart hours are not capable to provide high-grade independent work within several days.

This question is especially actual, as many producers allocate the gadgets with function of tracking of activity and a dream which let’s save a battery charge.

In the message it is not told about time of independent work of smart hours of Oppo, but any decision will be met over 24 hours by users extremely positively.

It is expected that the release of the long-awaited Apple Watch presented last year, will take place today, on March 9, 2015. Action of Apple will begin at 20:00 Moscow time. The live broadcast of presentation will pass on friendly to us a site

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