Sony opened studio on development of games for virtual reality

Sony opened studio on development of games for virtual reality

The game division of the Japanese company Sony makes quite good profit. For this reason the new director of corporation Kadzuo Hirai does a special emphasis on the advanced development in the field. All of us saw a prototype of a helmet of virtual reality of Project Morpheus for the game console PlayStation 4. But what it will be for a helmet if for it not to develop interesting video games? Specially the new studio was for this purpose created.

Surprisingly, but at quite ferial capacity of PS4 iron engineers of Sony found a way to deduce on a font the image with frequency of shots of 120 fps. The demoversions shown at various game exhibitions were amusing. For example, the person appeared under water alone with a shark or in a knight’s castle should master fights on swords. The last demoversion "Robbery" allowed the player to become for some time the robber of banks. However, it was necessary to cut out a scene of drama suicide of the protagonist as it was felt so realistic from it that the mentality of some players could suffer.

The new studio on development of games will be open for virtual reality in Great Britain and will receive the name North West Studio (the name can be not final). At present to studio there is an active set of professional employees. For example, in the list of vacancies such experts, as the leading programmer of game process, the skilled programmer of graphic effects, the leading designer, the animator of characters, and also the designer of levels are specified. Considering that Sony is very serious employer, it is possible to assume that with shortage of shots the studio should not have no problems.

On an official site it is possible to find the following text in the description of vacancies:

«You had a rare possibility to join staff of young and very ambitious studio which will develop exclusive projects for a font of virtual reality of Morpheus. We want to create small, but very professional group of the developers, capable to show all advantages of virtual reality to players».

It is far not the first British studio Sony. It is necessary to remember that in the city of Rankorn the Evolution Studios studio which has developed the MotorStorm series and a recent simulator of Driveclub actively works. And in London Sony have a SCE Studio Liverpool studio which lets out Formula One and Wipeout series simulators. Now to the shelf of the British teams of one of the largest Japanese publishers arrived.

The font of virtual reality should go on sale till June, 2016, according to the recent publication in the Japanese newspaper Asahi Shimbun which refers to authoritative sources. We will see more new games for this gadget already at the forthcoming exhibition Е3 2015 which will pass in the middle of June. We are reserved by patience and we wait for news.

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