The chip in a brain allowed the paralysed person to operate an iron hand

The chip in a brain allowed the paralysed person to operate an iron hand

By means of a bionic hand and two computer chips integrated into a brain, the paralysed person could drink independently from a bottle. Eric Sorto (Erik Sorto) lost ability to move the extremities in 2002. However thanks to the joint project of the Californian institute of technology, medical school at university of South California and the rehabilitation center Rancho Los Amigos the father of two children has an opportunity to operate an artificial extremity power of thought.

It was surprising experience. I waited for the whole 13 years independently to drink a beer small bottle, – Eric Sorto shares the impressions.

Three years left on that Sorto received such possibility. In 2012 in his brain were вшиты two computer chips. Two weeks later after operation the patient could shake hands with the researcher.

I was surprised, as far as it is easy. It wanted to me to rise from a chair and to shake hands with each of people around.

The chip in a brain allowed the paralysed person to operate an iron hand

Neural implants in the size only four square millimeters were created by specialists of the Californian institute of technology who published results of the research in the Science Mag magazine. Their work is the latest development in the field of prosthetics. Scientists hope that once the technology created by them will help to make movements of artificial limbs the smoothest and natural. Those who lost extremities as a result of a trauma or because of congenital defect, and also patients with neurologic violations, as at Sorto very count on it.

I want to have possibility independently to drink beer as I want and when I want, and not to address for the help. I very much do not have independence, – speaks to Sorto.

The previous attempts to translate brain signals in the robotized movements relied on messages from primary impellent bark, the area of a brain responsible for coordination of movements and muscular reductions. As a result robotized extremity moved breakthroughs. In new research developers were guided by a parietal share of a cerebral cortex which is responsible for planning of movements, instead of their control. Information from here arrives on the computer of an artificial limb which interprets desires of the patient and realizes them.

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