New demonstration of a font of Microsoft HoloLens

#видео | New demonstration of a font of Microsoft HoloLens

After the announcement of a font of the added reality of HoloLens many with impatience waited for new details about this unusual gadget. Well, Microsoft actively works over the project and willingly shares information that the owner of HoloLens can do by means of this device. For example, you can turn the apartment into the virtual Windows operating system. It showed us quite recently within Build Developer Conference action.

Having put on the head HoloLens font, you can not only be played with virtual pets and various three-dimensional widgets, but also use the window Windows Holographic interface to which all of us got used. For example, it will be possible to open a window with most often used contacts of Skype or to start in a separate window of video, having ordered it to fly for you while you move on the apartment. So you can descend on kitchen and give yourselves to some tea, and the film all this time will directly follow you. However, in its any second it will be possible to fix on any wall and to stretch an image diagonal till the huge sizes.

And many other things you can see all this own eyes in video, the published ambassador of presentation. It is removed by the special chamber which is capable to see world around so as if it put on HoloLens font. Only this way the audience can see that actually occurs in the added reality.

#видео | New demonstration of a font of Microsoft HoloLens

Let’s remind you that while it is unknown neither a font date of issue, nor its final price. Microsoft promised to bring HoloLens on the game E3 exhibition in June of this year. We will watch news and we will immediately share with you any information which to us becomes known.

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