The 3D-press goes to McDonalds?

The 3D-press goes to McDonalds?

McDonald’s looks for new ways of deduction of regular customers and attraction of the new. According to McDonald’s management, in the future the company can consider the problem on introduction in the restaurants of service of the 3D-press. The technology already reached chocolate.

Speaking at a technological forum of Fujitsu in Germany, the head of IT division of the British network of McDonald’s restaurants Mark Feybs told about idea of use of the 3D-printer for the press of toys for a children’s set of Happy Meal, writes the Pocket-lint resource. In the bought set the desired toy therefore it would be quite good to add service of the press of toys directly on a place not always comes across, he noted.

Now McDonald’s checks possibility of integration of the restaurants with tablets and touch booths for the independent order of food. By words Feybsa, introduction of new technology is always connected with risks. Negative experience upon the first purchase can force to refuse the buyer gadget use in the future.

We should be sure that everything works as it is necessary. For us it is very important to create the correct infrastructure — he added.

Considering that the technology of the 3D-press is at rather early stage of development, its introduction in shops can be connected with certain difficulties.

Discussing plans of McDonald’s for the future, Feybs mentioned a subject «Internet of things». The idea consists in teaching kitchen cars to cooperate with each other for economy of the electric power.

Who knows, probably, 3D-printers for fast manufacturing of children’s toys — warm-up before the beginning of a mass press of food. NASA, for example, already became interested in this technology.

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