The American airports equip with systems of tracking of thrones

The American airports equip with systems of tracking of thrones

Recently thrones were rather densely integrated into our life. Photographers, cameramen, delivery services use them, scientists and even parents to entertain the children. But there are also those people for whom thrones are an additional threat of safety in their difficult work. We now speak about the staff of the airports. The Federal Aviation Administration of the USA (FAA) outright concerned increase in quantity of the bespilotnik flying in dangerous proximity from the various airports.

What in Department of Civil Aviation did to secure the airports against kvadrokopter and other radio-controlled cars, people simply do not hear them. Already and the law on this subject let out, and the public tried to inform, and even the appendix special for the smartphone published – and people all are not appeased and persistently continue to buzz the toys near the airports.

That though somehow to secure thousands passengers against amateur pilots, in FAA made the unusual decision. The agency united with the private company CACI to test and introduce at the American airports technology of tracking of thrones and their owners in dangerous proximity from a take-off and landing strip. Thus it is planned to secure as much as possible flying-up and sitting-down planes against collisions with radio-controlled bespilotnik.

The prototype of new system of tracking scans radio signals which are used for management of thrones and if such signals were found, on them the system is capable to find the owner of a throne in radius to 8 kilometers from the airport. It is initially planned to establish system at several American airports for field tests. Names of the airports in the press release on a site FAA are not specified.

Perhaps, in the agency future from other countries also will add to the arsenal similar systems of tracking of bespilotnik and their owners as "dronomaniya" continues to grow, and thanks to the Chinese Internet shops, today it is possible to get a radio-controlled kvadrokopter for real kopeks, without leaving thus the house.

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