The automobile engine working at the expense of evaporation of water

is created

The automobile engine working at the expense of evaporation of water

In the USA created the car which collects energy from water at the expense of evaporation. Researchers in New York constructed the tiny car which is actuated by the water engine of the Colombian university. Scientists hope that their invention will lead to creation of the following generation of devices which take and use energy from natural evaporation.

The head of research Ozgur Shakhin (Ozgur Sahin) told that such cars managed them cheaply as scoop energy from water which continuously disappears from a surface of lakes and oceans.

Water wants to evaporate. She aspires to it. If to humidify a surface, it will dry sooner or later. It is natural process. Our work consisted in finding a way to derive from this aspiration benefit, – Shakhina the The Guardian newspaper quotes.

At the heart of the invention Shakhin’s last year’s opening lies – disputes of ordinary soil plants bulk up, when they absorb water in the damp environment, and are compressed, when give it to dry air. Change of the size can be used dispute to push and pull subjects.

Shakhin and his colleagues decided to use this opening with advantage. They created the floating piston engine in the form of a thin plastic tape with pasted to it from two parties and in a certain order disputes.

Under the influence of dry air the tape was compressed as if a mainspring, and in the damp environment – was stretched. The received artificial muscle working at the expense of a difference in humidity, scientists called "hydra" – Hygroscopically Driven Artificial Muscles («HYDRA»)

From tens such muscles experts assembled the primitive piston engine. "Hydras" were placed in the plastic case with small zaslonka from above. When the engine put on water, muscles were stretched and opened zaslonka. After an exit of moisture of a zaslonka were closed and the cycle repeated.

Tests showed that the engine generates enough electricity for a food of a light-emitting diode lamp.

Scientists consider that such engines can be used for a food of light-emitting diode lamps or sensors at an ocean floor. Results of research were published in the Nature Communications magazine.

Besides, researchers created so-called «a damp mill». Its plastic wheel was covered with tapes with disputes, but only on the one hand. One part of a wheel was in a dehydrated medium, another – in damp. It allows tapes to be braided and become straight, forcing a wheel to turn. It appeared engine capacities enough to actuate the small toy car.

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