The CalTech company knows how to make of your smartphone the 3D-scanner

The CalTech company knows how to make of your smartphone the 3D-scanner

What you need to make a copy of a certain object in house conditions? The 3D-printer which is not today luxury goods at once comes to mind and can be acquired for rather small money. But to unpack on it an object remark, it is necessary to create model of this object. And for this purpose you need the 3D-scanner. It would be simply remarkable, if the ordinary smartphone could play its role. And engineers of the CalTech company know that it is necessary to make, that it became reality.

The tiny chip which was developed by experts of CalTech, is the consecutive nanophoton vizor using the LIDAR technology (Light Detection And Ranging) for creation of three-dimensional model of objects. The laser beam highlights each separate point of object, and then analyzes the light waves reflected from it on a sensor. The similar system is used in systems of homing of rockets, and also in pilotless cars.

LIDAR is not new technology. The author of the project Ali Hadzhimiri explains that in the vizor they decided to use the whole massif of LIDAR-sensors which at the same time read out a phase, frequency and intensity of the reflected light waves. Thereby researchers relieved the device of need of use for them mobile mechanical elements. Each pixel of the image is a separate tiny LIDAR-sensor.

The conclusion became a result of the researches CalTech that on the basis of this technology it is possible to create improbably small and inexpensive 3D-scanner which with rather good accuracy can create three-dimensional models of objects. According to researchers, they can create сканы objects to within one micron.

While the chip with permission of 16 pixels was created only. But it, certainly, a test sample, and works on final version of this decision are still actively conducted. In video you can see the three-dimensional model of a coin made a test sensor, however, in view of small permission, the sensor should be moved from place to place.

The purpose of developers is sensor creation, permission in hundreds thousands pixels which can be used in modern smartphones in order that those learned to create improbably exact three-dimensional copies of objects. Who knows, can be once in your newcomer of iPhone will such sensor is established.

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