The clever Aether loudspeaker learned to communicate with the owner

The clever Aether loudspeaker learned to communicate with the owner

From this day numerous music fans of our planet, at last, can communicate with the musical gadget which reproduces them favourite tracks. I will remind you that the clever Aether loudspeaker ("Air" – English) was created by diligence of the former engineers of such companies as Apple, Nokia and Google, and its key feature became the intellectual mechanism of rapprochement with the user. The loudspeaker literally studied the owner, his musical addictions and included the necessary music in the correct moment and the necessary time of day.

At the price in 399 dollars of Aether fulfilled the money invested in it wholly. The gadget was connected to a house Wi-Fi-network and found every possible on-line musical services. Thus your computer or the smartphone for high-grade work (the truth, they can be necessary for you at initial setup of the device) was not necessary to it.

The loudspeaker made all necessary operations independently. From elements of management of the loudspeaker buttons of turning on of loudspeaker, regulation of loudness and a rotating face-to-face lattice are available to you only, turning which user can operate reproduction of tracks. Turn clockwise – will pass to the following track, against the hour – to previous and so on.

The clever Aether loudspeaker learned to communicate with the owner

In Aether the algorithm of machine training which studies your musical addictions is put, remembers history of lost tracks, thereby putting the detailed map of your love to music. As a result the user needs to press only the Power button on the loudspeaker case, and he will assume the rest, having created for you an individual musical background according to your preferences.

But now the loudspeaker received one more invaluable skill: he learned to communicate with the user. Ask it that for a track plays at present, and he politely calls the performer and composition. The loudspeaker perceived base voice teams from first day of the existence, but now it became much cleverer. For example, if in your house some Aether is established, you can give team to any concrete loudspeaker, and it regularly will execute it. From now on the loudspeaker will specify at you, whether correctly he understood your team, or you want to introduce any amendments.

Passed only a year since that moment when Aether arrived in free sale, and the loudspeaker promptly continues to gain popularity among music fans and people who love unusual gadgets. Its price while leaves much to be desired, but, you see, for Apple Watch some people give much more. So why not to be spent for the love to music?

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