The first game for hours of Apple Watch

is announced

The first game for hours of Apple Watch

Though on Apple presentation about video games for clever hours of the kupertinovsky company it was not told anything, all understood that from it to a new gadget not to get to anywhere. And literally some hours later after the termination of presentation the first game for hours of Apple was announced.

It appeared that the port of already existing game iArm Wrestle Champs which represents a certain similarity of a comic simulator of an armwrestling becomes it. In the game version for the mobile Android and iOS both platforms of the player clamp between the hands the smartphone with started on it the appendix and begin an armwrestling duel. Results of a duel are entered in the general tournament online table.

The first game for hours of Apple Watch

If to play with clamped between hands of players the smartphone not so conveniently, to play by means of the hours put on a wrist, certainly, where more pleasantly and is more practical. So developers of game can be understood. Besides they practically should not copy an initial code of the appendix, having simply a little adapted it under the Apple Watch screen. The main game will be all the same started on the smartphone with iOS, and on the screen of hours the necessary minimum of information will be deduced.

Besides Apple Watch, game also leaves and for all devices on the basis of the Android Wear operating system so users of the majority of smartphones will not stand aside from other producers.

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