The font of virtual reality of Oculus Rift will go on sale at the beginning of the next year

The font of virtual reality of Oculus Rift will go on sale at the beginning of the next year

The Oculus company at last declared information on when in sale the final version of its font of virtual reality of Rift will arrive. Deliveries of the consumer Oculus Rift version will begin in the first quarter 2016. Preorders for a font of virtual reality will start to accept this year.

From the moment of the emergence on a kraudfandingovy platform of Kickstarter in the summer of 2012 the Oculus Rift project tested some iterations. It was let out two «a set of the developer» and a set of prototypes, the last among which is Crescent Bay which has appeared last year. Crescent Bay, we will remind, uses two small displays, an external tracking camera, and also the special software which allows to create illusion of finding of the person in 3D-space.

After Oculus company purchase by the Facebook company at the beginning of 2014, set several times changed the technical characteristics, however, according to published on an official site of the draft of information, some final details of technical character of a font will be published next week. The only thing about what it is possible to speak already now, is a design. It is possible to familiarize with its final version in photos of this article.

The font of virtual reality of Oculus Rift will go on sale at the beginning of the next year

In addition, Oculus made some other intriguing promises:

«In the next weeks we will tell about a final technical and program stuffing, ways of connection of a font, and also about a set earlier not announced games and functions which surely will appear in Rift», – is told in the message.

Earlier the company already said that the final consumer version of a helmet of virtual reality will be in many respects similar to the last prototype of Crescent Bay. If to speak about games for Rift, perhaps, unique, worthy mentions at present is kosmosy EVE Valkyrie of the CCP company. Therefore the announcement new тайтлов becomes excellent chance for a font that is called to "shoot".

Aforementioned «ways of connection of a font» intrigue even more. Last year Oculus bought the Nimble VR company which is engaged in development of systems of management on the basis of capture of hands and their transfer in virtual reality for ensuring of bigger realness at "immersion". From this time in the Network hearings that Oculus conducts development of the own special game controler started to appear. Though, on the other hand, besides «ways of connection of a font» can mean only that Oculus creates support for game controlers from other producers.

The only thing about what Oculus «is silent, as the guerrilla», is the price for the font of virtual reality. The second generation of «a set of the developer» Rift went on sale last year at the price of 350 dollars. Founders of the company spoke earlier about desire to sell the product at the price somewhere in between 200 and 400 dollars.

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