The Japanese bank enters biometric ATMs

into using

The Japanese bank enters biometric ATMs

The regional bank in the central Japan becomes the first financial institution of the country which will use ATMs with identification of the user on a palm print. In September of this year of Ogaki Kyoritsu Bank will establish about twelve biometric ATM cars. In the future their number will be increased.

System of delivery of the cash, developed by the Fujitsu company, аутентифицирует the holder of a bank card on hands, the PIN code and date of birth. Demand for systems which do not demand presentation of the monetary card or the savings-bank book, increased after a series of the earthquakes which have happened in March of this year in the northeast of Japan. As a result many people remained without a roof over the head and the documents confirming the personality.

Ogaki Kyoritsu Bank is the second bank in the world which enters biometric ATMs into using. The first the Turkish state bank Ziraat Bank started to use similar technology.

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