The love to coffee speaks genetics

The love to coffee speaks genetics

To one people to wake up, it is necessary to drink three cups of strong coffee, another – rather weak lat. As it became clear during new research, such reaction to caffeine speaks genetic variations.

New research established six new genetic variations, coffee directly related to the use. Total them now became eight – the first two were open in 2011, writes The Verge.

Researchers of the Harward university argue that reaction of the person to coffee is put at genetic level. It explains, why one coffee charges energy for the whole day, and on others does not render any useful effect. Finally, everything is reduced to caffeine.

Scientists studied 2,5 million genetic variations more than 120 thousand people of the different floor which is regularly using coffee. Comparing genetic data, they revealed the genes connected with a habit to drink coffee. One options of genes participate in a caffeine metabolism, others are responsible for pleasure from its use. Therefore people with different genetics for achievement of the same effect need to drink different quantity of coffee.

It is the next example of how our genetics influences our addictions.

Results of research can help doctors and dieticians to approach to definition of a safe dose of coffee more individually. As well as in a case with smoking and alcohol consumption, it will allow to reduce essentially risks for health.

Research was published in the Molecular Psychiatry magazine.

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