The molecule which keeps youth of skin

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The molecule which keeps youth of skin

The British scientists created in vitro an antioxidant which can keep youth and beauty of skin for many years, having protected it from destroying influence of the sun. The molecule of Tiron opened by them provides complete protection against ultra-violet beams of a long-wave range (UVA) which make to 95 percent of ultra-violet radiation of the Sun, the British newspaper The Daily Mail writes.

Researchers from Newcastle university hope that Tiron will be used as an additive in food and cosmetics.

It is known that UVA radiation accelerates process of aging of skin and causes emergence of wrinkles. Unlike ultra-violet radiation of a srednevolnovy range (UVB) which causes suntan, UVA beams get deeply into skin and damage a connecting fabric that increases risk of development of a cancer of skin.

The molecule which keeps youth of skin

The head of team of scientists, professor Mark Birch-Machin, calls results of the research published in the FASEB Journal magazine, fascinating and promising. Thus he notes that development of a preparation is in an initial stage and demands carrying out additional researches which should confirm that the molecule is not toxic.

So, for the scientist antioxidants which contain in green tea, red wine and spices for a long time are known. However laboratory researches Tirana showed 100 percent protection against UVA radiation.

According to researchers, the preparation which structure will include Tiron, can appear on sale within five years.

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