The new cover for iPhone 6 collects energy from air

The new cover for iPhone 6 collects energy from air

American a startup company of Nikola Labs created a cover for iPhone 6 which allows the smartphone to swing energy from air. Wonderful cover demonstration in cost of 99 dollars took place at the TechCrunch Disrupt conference in New York. Inventors showed ability of the device to transform a radio frequency, such as Wi-Fi signals, in an electricity.

We use technologies of the XIX century for mobile devices of the XXI century. Our advanced technology provides transformation of radio-frequency energy from mobile devices in an additional charge of the storage battery, – quotes the IBTimes edition of a word of the founder of Nikola Labs of Will Tsellya (Will Zell).

We allow you to take away energy from air. Our cover is equipped with the built-in aerial which at first collects is useless spent radio-frequency energy, and then transforms it to an electricity and returns back in the smartphone.

The new cover for iPhone 6 collects energy from air

It is reported that the new cover for iPhone 6 is capable to increase operating time of the storage battery of the smartphone by 30 percent.

It should be noted that Nikola Labs not the unique company developer of such technology, but it presented the first a ready commercial product. The producer hopes to begin device sales within the next 12 months. In June on a site Kickstarter campaign for collecting money for implementation of the project starts.

The cover for iPhone 6 becomes the first device in the range of Nikola Labs. The charger for wireless transmission of energy near and far becomes the following product which the company is going to deduce for the market, water. The purpose – to provide 100 percent mobility.

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