The pedal stiralka of Drumi works without an electricity

The pedal stiralka of Drumi works without an electricity

Canadian a startup company invented the tiny portable car for linen washing. Operation of the device does not need an electricity as it is actuated by muscular strength of the user through a foot pedal. And now is more detailed.

Yirego Drumi represents the half-meter washing machine which is outwardly similar to a risovarka. It is very mobile and is located in a suitcase or a car luggage carrier. The device is calculated on people who often go to campaigns, and can be of use good service of subjects who has no ordinary washing machine or a laundry near the house.

About seven subjects of clothes at the same time are capable to erase and wring out Drumi, spends about nine liters of water and not enough laundry detergent.

Now most important question: how it is long necessary to reap on a pedal to wash things? Only 5 minutes! During this time the stiralka passes three cycles: washing, rinsing and extraction.

The pedal stiralka of Drumi works without an electricity

Many people worldwide wash the underwear and other personal belongings manually, – is told on a site Yirego.

Many do not use public laundries because of the ambiguous relation to hygiene, lack of time, fear to damage clothes or it is simple to overpay unwillingness.

According to the producer, Drumi for 40 percent is made of the materials which are subject to secondary processing. The new stiralka uses for 80 percent less water and detergent in comparison with ordinary washing machines. Yirego also argues that Drumi is more hygienic if to compare to a laundry.

The invention of Yirego received some awards and won first place in competition of industrial designers.

Sales of the pedal washing machine start in the summer of 2015. Inhabitants of the USA and Canada can issue the advanced order right now. In retail of Drumi will cost 169 dollars.

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