To change brown color of eyes on blue it is possible without contact lenses

To change brown color of eyes on blue it is possible without contact lenses

That who wants to change color of eyes to look as Deniyel Craig or Angelina Jolie, new laser procedure can help. The Californian company is going to offer service in correction of color of eyes for only 5 000 dollars. The technology which now passes clinical tests, allows to clear an iris of the eye of a pigment which prevents eyes to have a dark blue shade.

Under brown eyes the blue always disappear. They are divided by a thin layer of a pigment on an iris of the eye, – the main research associate of Stroma Medical Gregg Homer speaks.

In new procedure the low-power laser which passes radiation which is absorbed by the dark painting substance (pigment) covering a raduzhka through a transparent cornea of an eye is used. There is a natural removal of a fabric and an exposure of natural color of an eye, is told on a company site.

So, if to remove a pigment, light will get in Strom. At its dispersion only short waves giving to an iris of the eye dark blue color will be reflected.

Only 17 percent of people in the world are blue-eyed. For other people, and their about 80 percent, until recently color contact lenses were the unique decision.

According to Stroma Medical, operation takes only 30 seconds, and the radical change of color of an eye occurs within about two weeks. The new technology was tested already on themselves by 37 people in Mexico and Costa Rica. In the next years the company hopes to finish clinical tests, having increased number of patients to 100.

Stroma Medical argues that the technology is safe:

It is difficult to put any damage by such weak laser.

It is noted that the laser influences only a raduzhka, without mentioning a pupil and without getting in an eye where optic nerves are located. However ophthalmologists from clinic of London Eye Hospital say that procedure can litter drainage channels of an eye that in turn can lead to increase of intraocular pressure and increase risk of development of glaucoma.

Proceeding clinical tests, however, leave time for reflections, including about a moral aspect of a question.

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