Trailer of the nonexistent horror film about the drona-murderer

#видео day | the Trailer of the nonexistent horror film about the drona-murderer

Give for few minutes we will distract from news of the world of a science and we will look at the most curious trailer of the nonexistent film The Drone. Drona presently are improbably popular devices which children are able to use even. To buy an inexpensive throne in any Chinese Internet shop today it is possible. But only imagine a situation, what in your hands there was a dron-murderer, bearing the malice to all people around?

Certainly, this trailer, first of all, parodies modern horror films, using various stamps like a scene in the soul, a being shaken rocking-chair and to death frightened young pair which is compelled to reject pressure of the artful throne thirsting their blood. The trailer was removed by director Jordan Rubin, and it should be noted that it turned out at it very not bad. I even am a little disappointed with that fact that this film does not exist actually. But conversations will suffice, watch video better.

#видео day | the Trailer of the nonexistent horror film about the drona-murderer

By the way, the throne easily can do to the person harm. I think that all of you heard history how known singer Enrique Iglesias at a recent concert tried to catch a throne and nearly did not remain without fingers. As a result of incident it had to finish performance with the bandaged hand, drawing bleeding on the T-shirt a heart for fans. With these thrones it is necessary to be more carefully.

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