Valve is going to let out itself game controlers for Steam Machine

Valve is going to let out itself game controlers for Steam Machine

The Valve company declared that is going to let out itself Steam Controller for game system Steam Machine instead of providing this right to foreign producers. Let’s remind that in a case with game system Valve decided to use openness strategy, allowing foreign producers to collect own Steam Machine with various technical characteristics.

However plans of Valve do not include at all licensing on the controler party for new game station. At least while.

«The controler becomes a Valve company product. We are going to make and deliver it to the third parties, that is all collectors of Steam Machine which will want to equip the systems with this controler», – Greg Kumer from Valve in interview to a game portal of IGN shared.

«It does not mean that we such malicious and are going to submit without someone’s help the market of production of iron, and we consider that should turn our look on 90 degrees and start to move to the success and money in this market. Simply we really want, that this controler existed in the market».

After work on the Valve controler understood that was slightly tired of loan of ideas of other companies.

«We want, that producers received those possibilities of production what in our opinion are the most important. What will allow people to play all games from Steam. And we really consider that providing design of production of the controler on аутсорс and its assembly by the third parties cannot inform a basis to players idea of the general for all design and will allow to put in the most minimum terms the controler on the market».

The representative of the company also noted that the monopoly on production of the controler at all does not mean that Valve is going to demand for it big money.

«We accept many different decisions, many of which not always will positively affect on production expenses. But it does not mean that we are going to lose money by its production. We seriously approached to the matter and already we have some bastings into the account of how it we will make. I want to note that this approach is not so similar to those decisions which are used in the strategy by other producers of iron», – Kumer specified.

The first party from three hundred Steam Machines and controlers to them will be already provided to the first lucky for testing this year. The final design of game system and the controler will present next year.

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