Valve presented final design of the game controler

Valve presented final design of the game controler

The Valve company is very loved among gamers worldwide. Still, this company let’s die in due time the industries of PC games, having made them available to all and everyone thanks to the Steam service. Now engineers of the company are concentrated to the new development: game Steam Machines computers and special game controlers for them. We already several times told you about these gamepads, but, at last, Valve is ready to show to us final shape of Steam Controller in official video.

As well as in the first audits, the controler includes two round трекпада which should replace with itself so expensive to heart of any PC gamer a computer mouse. One of трекпадов is supplied with D-Pad function, that is it can be pressed, as a classical crosspiece. There is also more habitual analog handle similar to those that is used in the controler for PlayStation 4.

The main buttons removed to Steam Controller straight from the gamepad for game consoles of Xbox family. It becomes clear, when you see color letters A, B, X-th, Y. It is made because many PC games officially support Microsoft controlers therefore also their interface is calculated on such arrangement of buttons. On the top and back part of the controler three pairs triggers are located: two pairs – classical as on gamepads of game consoles, and the third – something reminds petals of switching of speeds from game wheels.

In video slightly below you will notice one interesting feature of the new gamepad. Namely – as text input was realized. You can print the text at the same time two fingers. I on the century saw many different systems of input of symbols by means of gamepads, but such yet did not meet never. Let’s look, as far as it will be conveniently as a result.

Valve presented final design of the game controler

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