XE – the device which will allow people to charge smartphones by air

XE - the device which will allow people to charge smartphones by air

Today already you will surprise nobody with a wireless charging. But what you will tell, if additional charge of the smartphone can be carried out, at all without taking out it from a trouser pocket? The TechNovator company developed very promising device under the name XE which is capable to charge your smartphone when you are in several meters from the power supply. It is possible to call XE such «a food router», which раздаёт the electric power to all surrounding gadgets.

Certainly, your smartphone should be dressed in the special cover compatible to XE as he plays a role of the receiver of energy in this case. Today the company developed such covers only for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus smartphones, but in the future they plan to expand considerably a line of supported models and in addition to let out new covers. If you are excited by thickness of a cover, it is equal to 3 millimeters.

XE - the device which will allow people to charge smartphones by air

Principle of work of XE it is possible to describe the phrase «resonant electromagnetic fields». Nikola Tesla used the resonant transformer in 1894 and besides it there were many examples of use of this technology in the history of a science. The electric power is transferred between two coils working in a resonant mode. Radio receiver and even Wi-Fi work is based on the same principle, simply frequencies in their case are used others.

The set of the charger includes a router, a cover, and still you need to download the official appendix from App Store which will allow you to adjust XE correctly. For example, you can choose the device in what time of day should join and recharge your gadgets. Certainly, XE are consumed by more electric power, rather than a traditional wire charging, but you can charge the smartphone at distance to 5 meters.

XE - the device which will allow people to charge smartphones by air

If you depart from station on bigger distance – speed of a charging will simply be slowed down. If you are at distance to 2 meters from charging station, the smartphone will completely be charged from scratch to 100 % approximately within 4 hours. The simultaneous charging to four different devices is supported. As to safety of a similar method of transmission of energy, frequency to which it is transferred, surround us since the birth. The device was carefully investigated in laboratory for a year, and experts came to a conclusion that it does not render any negative effect on health of the person.

Development of wireless additional charge of devices at distance is conducted and in other companies, like Energous and Ossia. But today only TechNovator presented completely working device which is ready to sale to end users. Final cost of the device is for the present discussed, but developers are aimed at 200 dollars for a set from charging station and a cover. You can watch further news about this development on an official site TechNovator.

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