Zuckerberg lifted the veil secrets over integration of Oculus Rift into Facebook

Zuckerberg lifted the veil secrets over integration of Oculus Rift into Facebook

After acquisition of Facebook of the Oculus VR company many began to break to themselves the heads: how it is possible to combine virtual reality and social networks? Various versions were put forward, beginning from persuasive virtual advertizing, finishing virtual sex. It seems that Mark Zuckerberg decided to dispel some fears of a people at large and addressed to the press with small presentation concerning future Facebook.

As it appeared, panoramic videos with a review corner in full 360 degrees become the first step on Oculus Rift introduction in an ecosystem of Facebook. Mark showed to journalists present at press conference a slide on which the logical scheme of evolution of transfer of impressions to the person was represented by a social network. Text impressions, then photos, video and, at last, the virtual and added realities go the first according to the list. They, according to Mark, can transfer most fully to emotion from visit of various corners of Earth if you sit at home and for any reasons cannot go there personally.

Zuckerberg considers as the second important step integration of virtual reality into a news column (News Feed) when one users can see that other users saw by means of a font of Oculus Rift. People can add panoramic videos directly on the wall in Facebook, and any wishing at existence at it of a font and the corresponding software can be transferred to a place where video was written down.

Anyway, nobody can promise that fears concerning introduction of persuasive 3D-advertizing in such videos do not become once severe reality. But Zuckerberg in this respect cunning kept silent. As they say, time will tell. After all while even the font of Oculus Rift did not get date of an official exit what here to speak about any social networks.

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