Android Wear officially supports now iPhone


Android Wear officially supports now iPhone

Yes. The heading does not say lies. Google officially declared release of the special mobile annex for smartphones under control of the iOS operating system thanks to which any smart hours on the basis of Android Wear can be synchronized with your iPhone smartphone. About iPad tablets, however, speeches do not go yet.

Till today owners of smartphones of Apple were limited in the choice of clever hours to the unique brand – Apple Watch. Now they presume to get to themselves such models of hours, as Asus Zenwatch 2, LG Watch Urbane, the new Moto 360 model and many, many other hours from the most different producers.

Android Wear officially supports now iPhone

The note to release of the appendix says the following:

«Be well informed about the events: entering phone calls, text messages, notices from your favourite appendices. Android Wear supports the always-on displays function thanks to what you should not move a wrist to get access to information».

«Be engaged in fitness: set before itself the purposes and watch daily and weekly progress. Your hours will automatically trace your walks and jogs, and also to measure frequency of your pulse».

«Save the time: receive reminders on important meetings, information on traffic jams, the schedule of planes. Simply tell OK GOOGLE to ask the question or to create a reminder for later».

To download absolutely free of charge the official appendix it is possible already now in App Store shop.

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