«Clever skin» will warn about dangerous level of a solar ultraviolet

«Clever skin» will warn about dangerous level of a solar ultraviolet

«Clever skin» which warns her owners about impact on them ultra-violet radiation is created so-called. Scientists from Royal institute of technology in Melbourne developed the stretched and adjusted device which reports about dangers imperceptible to our eye which proceed from the Sun. It is known that ultra-violet radiation can cause skin defeat, and also lead to a cancer.

Ability to use electronic devices in different mechanical intense conditions provides a set of unique functionality which are beyond possibilities of standard nonflexible electronics, – is told in the research published in the Small magazine.

The team of scientists created a material with thin layers of oxide of zinc which carry out functions of ultra-violet sensors.

In interview to the Sydney Morning Herald edition researchers told that it is possible to make a plaster or a thong of this material on a hand with wireless connection to other device, for example, to the smartphone or a tablet, for the notification of users about dangerous level of solar radiation.

When you go to sunbathe, the device can be put on a wrist when to bathe – to paste on a hand. It will watch level of ultra-violet radiation and to speak to you when it exceeds norm, – the author of research Philippe Gatraf (Philipp Gutruf) explained.

The main achievement of a new material is that it consists of rubber, instead of silicone. At the expense of it the device turned out much more flexible.

It was difficult, as rubber usually does not maintain processing temperature. Ability of rubber to bend and be stretched allows to introduce it in clothes, backpacks, gloves and to that similar things.

Researchers say that the device is also capable to find toxic gases. So, with its help it is possible to supervise degree of impurity of city air that very actually now.

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