Commodore C64


Commodore C64

We already showed photos of a prototype of the C64 computer from the Commodore company. The novelty is executed in retrostylistics of the 8-bit computer. Then we still guessed – whether there will be a computer in the mass market or and remains at a prototype stage.

Fortunately fans of Commodore, the novelty after all will appear on sale. And despite the retrolook, uses modern pieces of iron. С64 works at base of the two-nuclear Intel Atom 525 processor and NVIDIA Ion 2 chipset. Available 2Гб random access memory, with expansion possibility to 4Гб. From one side the tray of a DVD drive and a kardrider is located. Behind it is possible to find a heap of ports which include: HDMI, DVI, VGA, USB, Ethernet, Audio and even ancient IBM PS/2 for a mouse and the keyboard. Outwardly the novelty looks as original Commodore C64.

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