Ekzoskeletnye boots reduce load of feet and reduce energy expenses when walking

Ekzoskeletnye boots reduce load of feet and reduce energy expenses when walking

The American engineers developed ekzoskeletny boots which reduces energy expenses when walking by 7 percent in comparison with usual footwear. This first this sort of device which does not demand use of the external power supply. The system is necessary on the spring and ratchet mechanism repeating biomechanics of the person.

As writes IBTimes, the mechanism reduces load of ikronozhny muscles, accumulating elastic draft in a spring located parallel to a calcaneal sinew. The new device was developed by engineers from Carnegie-Mellon’s University under the direction of Stephen Collins.

Article devoted to development, was published in the Nature magazine.

It is the first work known to me which shows that the passive system is capable to reduce energy expenses when walking, – the developer of exoskeletons Michael Goldfarb from University Vanderbilta declared.

Ways to raise efficiency of walking started to look for in the nineteenth century. Earlier similar results gave only actuating units or running artificial limbs.

Only for the last few years there were the devices reducing expenses of energy at walking, and the mechanized exoskeletons were first. They partially unloaded muscles thanks to an external artificial power source. We decided to learn, whether it is possible to reduce power expenses by means of the nonmechanized device. It something like modification of body structure for increase of its efficiency, – was explained by Collins.

It is reported that ekzoskeletny boots can be used not only healthy people, but also those who experiences difficulties when walking on one foot. The device still is in a prototype stage, but his founders hope that as a result the idea will pour out in a commercial product which will cost approximately as pair of ski boots.

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