Everything that is known to us about Google Glass 2


Everything that is known to us about Google Glass 2

The Google corporation is widely known innovative and often for risky projects. The font of Google Glass is one of such development, but business did not come further the experimental version which let out in limited circulation and quickly enough laid off. Development of wonderful points transferred to other division of corporation, then on the horizon the Google Glass 2 project loomed. What are we promised by the second version of a font?

First, now the font is focused on a business segment, Enterprise Edition subtitle testifies to it. The prism which is used as the display of points, becomes a little more than in the first version of points. As the central Google Glass 2 processor Intel Atom improving productivity and optimizing power consumption of the accumulator will be used. New points will support Wi-Fi on frequencies of 2,4 GHz and 5 GHz.

But the main surprise became known just yesterday from the official report of the company. Apparently, points of Google Glass 2 become water-proof that does possible their use even in the rain or during trainings in the pool. Also the case of points becomes stronger, rather than what was used in their first version. Well and, at last, the font can be put as usual points (the first version did not develop).

It is worth to remember and about existence of the built-in monoearphone that will relieve the user of need of connection of additional earphones and, as a result, emergence of additional being stirred wires. Outwardly points, most likely, will be similar to Explorer Edition – the version of the first model which went on sale in 2014.

About the beginning of sales of the updated font while it is not known, but we precisely know that owners of original points can exchange them for Google Glass 2 absolutely free of charge.

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