Film iРуководители trailer from

Film iРуководители trailer from

Ron Wayne, Mike Markkula, John Scully, Michael Shpindler, Gil Amelio — these names are much less familiar to wide audience, than Steve Jobs and Tim Cook’s names. However these people managed to stand in due time at a wheel of the Apple company and to make a certain contribution to its development. To keep in memory of generations their names, our friends with decided to prepare the new documentary film "iРуководители".

Film trailer "iРуководители" the Film on Kinopoiska: film Page in Facebook: | Documentary film "iРуководители". Apple company history on faces. The long-awaited premiere of our fifth and final film from a cycle about key persons of the Apple company will take place this Thursday at 21:00 on The maximum discounts to subscribers in || Promo-kod on a discount – Appleinsider765 the Site: the Appendix in App Store: Twitter: VK Group: Page in Facebook:

In the film which was created by director Anton Kukanov, it is in detail told about each of these heads and how they changed the company. The film will be officially shown on this Thursday, November 28, at 21:00 Moscow time.

By tradition during this moment the site will change in a cinema hall in which it is possible to take pleasure with convenience film viewing. While we suggest you to familiarize with a trailer of the film "iРуководители" and we hope that this Thursday you will spend evening at a cinema

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