In Sweden the first remote aviadispatching tower

started to operate

In Sweden the first remote aviadispatching tower

The dispatching tower is the integral and very important part of any airport around the world, however thanks to experts from the Saab company already now one dispatching tower can serve some airports far off.

The first remote dispatching center already began the work. It serves city airport Ernshyoldsvik in Sweden, being from it at distance of 100 kilometers. It became possible thanks to new system Saab Remote Tower System which is established in a dispatching office.

For work of the Remote Tower System technology quite wide set of the various electronic equipment is used. In the airfield a large number of video cameras of high resolution, microphones and meteosensors is established. All information is transferred on network channels in a dispatching office.

In Sweden the first remote aviadispatching tower

In a dispatching office circular screens which in real time broadcast the events in airfield are established. All this is accompanied by an audiopath and translation by other information arriving from various sensors. Thanks to it distant work of the dispatcher practically does not differ from work directly at the airport.

Work of Remote Tower System system is already approved by the government of Sweden and established for service of the airports of two small cities. Besides, system testings also it is carried out at the airports of Norway and Australia, reports Gizmag.

First of all Remote Tower System will be established near the small cities to cover at once some airports which have the limited budget. Besides, experts of Saab report that the system is easily expanded and the control office can be increased with ease.

Use of such system causes at once a set of the questions connected with safety. Experts of Saab argue that Remote Tower System uses a set of spare communication channels for data transmission and also if one of chambers fails, the others can block its field of vision. Developers assure that the probability of refusal of some equipment on a remote tower is no more than probability of refusal of the equipment in a usual dispatching office. However it is in any case difficult to present that will be, if for any instant the most part of electronics refuses innovative system.

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