Intel will use nosimy electronics for research of an illness of Parkinson

Intel will use nosimy electronics for research of an illness of Parkinson

Today it is simple to find the portable device which can trace your activity at any time. However monitoring of big groups of people is more difficult task. A number of the largest technological companies, such as Apple, Samsung, and Google, try to find now the solution of this problem.

Intel declared partnership with Michael J. Fox Foundation which will be directed on tracking and the analysis of an illness of Parkinson by means of nosimy devices. There is a hope that using nosimy devices, it will turn out to supervise better symptoms and, probably, to find drugs for Parkinson’s illness.

For disease tracking the device will consist of "iron" from Intel, and also the additional software which includes mobile appendices for nosimy devices and a platform for processing of analytical data.

For equipment of patients of the research suffering from an illness of Parkinson, the research center Michael J. Fox Foundation will deliver watch facilities behind a disease. Possibility of maintenance of a continuous communication with fund will be also additional benefit for people who do not live near research establishment.

Within the last several years of Intel becomes more and more interested in nosimy technologies which can be used not only for capture of the market of ordinary consumers, than Google at present is engaged, introducing Android Wear. Intel cares of how these nosimy devices can be used for a science more, reports CNet.

«We can obtain data for improvement of researches, and it is better to understand behavior and disease progressing», – the general manager of Big Data Solutions of Intel corporation told.

The company already tested the technology on sixteen patients with Parkinson’s illness nine of which were a part of control group and wore watch of Pebble within 4 days. Using these devices, Intel hopes to write down a tremor, movements during a dream and walking, and also balance of the person.

As occasion to start research of an illness the former director general Andy Grove who joined Fox’s Foundation fund served and offered millions for research works.

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