Legendary Philips and its new name

Legendary Philips and its new name

Today the new mark in the history of business of audio, video, multimedia and Philips company accessories begins. Known to all admirers of digital technologies the company starts to work from a new name. More precisely on behalf of the new company – WOOX Innovations which annual turn makes 1,6 billion dollars, and number of employees exceeds 2000 people worldwide that does WOOX Innovations of one of the largest companies in the world, specializing on «the connected entertainments».

It is a little history. The Filips concern was based in 1891, reports ru.wikipedia.org. The brothers engineers Gerard and Anton Filipsa who have opened small factory on production of electrolamps in the city of Eindhoven were his founders. 7 years later Anton Filips during the visit to St. Petersburg agreed about sale of a half of production annually let out by concern. The order of 50 thousand lamps candles which were inserted into crystal candelabrums and by which the Hermitage subsequently was completely shined became the largest at that time. Production of the Filips brand in wide scales was delivered as well to the USSR.

In 1963 the Philips company developed the compact recorder cartridge which has actually become a standard. In 1983 of Philips together with the Sony company deduces on the market the first compact disc. In the 90th years of last century the Philips company developed the DVD format which was reduced to a common denominator as during the same time the same format was invented in Japan later. DVD was the most fast-growing category of household electronics for all history of mankind. In 2006 — 2007 the Royal Philips Electronics concern gradually sold the division on production of mobile phones of the Chinese company China Electronics Corporation which acquired the right to five years’ use of a brand of Philips.
Till 1971 concern members of the family of Filips still directed, Frederick Filips (Anton’s son) who started the management of the company in 25 years became last of which, and during the Second World War for unwillingness to cooperate with German invaders was arrested. In 2005 at the age of 100 years Frederick Filips died. And now the concern is headed by Gerard Kleysterl, and the headquarters was transferred not so long ago from Eindhoven to Amsterdam.

«Our mission – to bring significant innovations in the sphere of «the connected entertainments». High quality of a sound, advanced technologies and distinguished design – our main tools to satisfy and surpass expectations of our buyers», – are told by Vibo Vaartes, the director general of WOOX Innovations. – «Thanks to talent and persistence of our employees, our partners, suppliers and clients, and also abilities quickly to find and pick up market trends and consumer trends, we with confidence look ahead».

WOOX Innovations takes sure positions in the categories "connected" of audio, earphones, docking stations and home theaters in the modern market of technologies. Production of the company which has won a large number of awards at various international exhibitions, took the place in the market thanks to three main available advantages: to quality of a sound, distinguished design and innovative technologies. Plus to everything among the staff of the company more than 50 designers and more than 30 sound experts work. The head office of the company is in Hong Kong.

Legendary Philips and its new name

In September representatives of Philips declared the partnership beginning with the world famous DJ Armin van Buren known for the innovator in the field of Dee-dzheinga and the fivefold winner of a rating of DJ Mag’s Top 100, reports woox.com. According to specialists of the company, Armin will continue the cooperation with WOOX Innovations in development of audiogadgets under the Philips trademark, both for professional DJs, and for musical fans.

Legendary Philips and its new name

WOOX Innovations plans to continue to develop the flagman audioline of "Fidelio", and also to develop the innovative marketing communications, including the global companies «Afflicted with a sound» and «You should hear it». Well and, of course, did not forget in the company and about the favourite buyers – Russians. On territories of Russia, and also Belarus and Central Asia, the WOOX Innovations company the JSC VOOKS Innoveyshns Evraziya company will represent. Maxim Bondar taking earlier a position of the head of division of audio, video, multimedia and accessories in Philips line-up is appointed its director general.

It should be noted also that the Philips concern led in due time consumers through all main innovations in a sound since made the first radio in 1923. The company was at the beginnings of such large innovations, as the cassette tape recorder, CD, DVD and Blu-ray players. With estimated cost about 9,8 billion dollars, Philips brand now takes very quite good 40th position in a rating of world brands. WOOX Innovations as speak in the management of the company, inherits the most wide experience of Philips and in the future will advance this brand (Philips) in the sphere of «the connected entertainments».

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