Man of iron presented a bionic artificial limb to the seven-year boy

#видео day | Man of iron presented a bionic artificial limb to the seven-year boy

As well as Tony Stark, "Man of iron", Robert Downey Jr. for a while became a superhero — at least in the opinion of the seven-year boy. In video published one of these days, the actor in image of Stark from the film "Iron Man" which he played, hands over a working bionic artificial limb to seven-year Alex who was born with partially developed right hand.

Downey opens pair of metal cases with Stark Industries mark, shows a hand of "Man of iron" and a smaller red and gold artificial limb for Alex. The fellow in a black shirt and a red tie timidly recognizes that changes with "Man of iron" whom he also calls Robert.

Bionic hand which was received by Alex, student engineer Albert Manero who builds created and endows 3D-printing bionic extremities to children worldwide. Manero worked with Alex’s family to create an ideal digital hand which Alex could move, straining bicepses.

Each bionic extremity takes from Manero 50-70 hours of printing time and about 12 hours of assembly, he speaks. Its Limbitless Solutions company aspires to extend finally 3D-printing extremities worldwide that children living in the countries without developed medicine, could use Manero’s designs. Video was shot by Collective Project.

«I am proud of that I present a bionic hand of Iron Man to Alex with the help #CollectiveProject from @MSOneNote. Look at a tie, shchegolsky» — Robert Downey Jr. in the Twitter wrote. At the moment of note writing record ретвитнуло more than 29 thousand people.

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