NASA opened on Pluton the blue sky and water ice

NASA opened on Pluton the blue sky and water ice

Scientists from NASA just confirmed that Pluton, our favourite object of a belt of Koyper, possesses not only extensive fields of water ice on a surface, but also the blue sky. Considering that Pluton has neither dense atmosphere, nor the global oceans, found «the blue sky», most likely, is a haze. And particles of this haze can seem red or gray if to look at them an unaided look. Nevertheless that fact that from space they look blue, tells to scientists a lot of things.

«This amazingly blue shade speaks to us about the size and structure of particles of which the fog consists, – the representative of NASA Carly Hovett told. – The blue sky appears, when the sunlight dissipates very small particles. On Earth as such disseminating particles tiny molecules of nitrogen act. On Pluton, apparently, such particles are larger – but all the same rather small – and we call such particles толинами».

These толины, most likely, were formed highly in Pluton’s atmosphere where sunlight breaks atmospheric nitrogen and methane into smaller particles.

NASA opened on Pluton the blue sky and water ice

Opening of water ice on a surface of a dwarfish planet became not less exciting also – this ice also looks red for a naked eye thanks to high concentration толинов.

NASA opened on Pluton the blue sky and water ice

«On the most part of a surface of Pluton it is not visible water ice as it is under other, more volatilny ices, – the researcher from NASA Jason Cook speaks. – We try to understand, why water appears only in some places on Pluton’s surface».

Fortunately, the device «New horizons» is in an excellent form and continues to transfer new scientific data, being at distance of nearly 5 billions kilometers from Earth.

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