Nike wants, that users 3D-printed sports shoes at home

Nike wants, that users 3D-printed sports shoes at home

Nike sees the world, in which users can independently 3D-print sneakers in house conditions instead of buying them in firm shops on city streets. The main operational director of the company Eric Sprank (Eric Sprunk) discussed the technology realized in Flyknit Lunar 3 sneakers which were created by means of the knitted car at GeekWire summit.

As reports IBTimes, for creation of new sports shoes of Nike it is enough to send the file on the press – the 3D-printer will independently create a product ready to use, and will make it from scratch.

It absolutely other approach to production of sports shoes which is traditionally made of separate pieces of a material at factories by hands of workers, and then is distributed on shops. Here all work is carried out by the car, and it works at home.

Sprank says that in the future users can adjust design of the chosen sneakers directly on a firm site Nike. In the same place it will be possible to pay 3D-model and to download the file on which the home 3D-printer will print high-grade footwear. As the option, sneakers can be printed in any of retail shops Nike.

According to the top manager, "Nike" representation of the future is the footwear stuffed with sensors and connected to the Internet of things. The data received during use of such footwear, will be transferred in Nike, and then to be analyzed. It will allow the company to improve the production, and to users–.

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