Razer presented the most advanced computer mouse in the world

#видео | Razer presented the most advanced computer mouse in the world

Computer accessories of the Razer company are well-known to gamers. After all this production is initially created specially for them and is aimed at ensuring improbable accuracy, speed and convenience during process of game lasting many hours. One of the most popular goods of the company are mice of the Mamba series. Within the game E3 exhibition which passed last week in Los Angeles Razer presented updating of this series of manipulators. It also made it by means of an advertizing trailer as if it is any Hollywood blockbuster.

The new mouse of Mamba is positioned precisely «the most advanced gaming mouse in the world». Here it is necessary to pay attention to its characteristics. The laser sensor with accuracy in 16 000 dpi can be regulated with a step to only 1 dpi (and it at a standard in 50 dpi). Each key of a mouse is regulated under the user: it can adjust force of pressing which is necessary for putting to this key that it worked.

The beautiful illumination is built also in a mouse, capable to display to 16,8 million various flowers. It was made in order that you could make the manipulator more personal, having allocated it with the favourite flowers. Wireless Mamba costs 150 dollars, and its wire analog will manage wishing in 90 dollars. Yes, Razer production always differed in high cost. And now you can look at a trailer of this «pumped-over mouse».

#видео | Razer presented the most advanced computer mouse in the world

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