Runeblade – the first role-playing game for Apple Watch

Runeblade – the first role-playing game for Apple Watch

You can present yourselves a high-grade role-playing game which you can play by means of the tiny screen of hours of Apple Watch? Here and I cannot. And it, nevertheless, exists. This game Runeblade also is called. Behind its creation there is the Finnish studio Everywear Games which was based by the former employees of Rovio, Digital Chocolate and Remedy. Behind shoulders at them such projects as Angry Birds and Alan Wake so it is possible to assume that game should be if not impressing visually, then interesting.

Runeblade really is the role-playing game first and unique today which feels quite comfortably on the screen of clever hours. Thus developers promise us eventful game process, without any урезок or compromises. Game will extend absolutely free of charge, however, founders of Runeblade tactfully hold back, whether game will suggest you to get various bonuses at additional expense.

Runeblade – the first role-playing game for Apple Watch

In Runeblade developers made the main emphasis on short duration of game sessions. You should not read for hours tons of dialogues or to find a spare half hour, to battle to the monster. Events of game will be promptly developed. Fights will have average duration of only 10-15 seconds, but them to you will be quite enough to like spirit of a fantasy world.

Game becomes available to downloading in day of the beginning of sales of Apple Watch so familiarize with it everything who so hurries to get clever hours one of the first can. Developers promise us hordes of various monsters, a set of magic runes, spells and special artifacts, and also much, many other.

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