Sony: we never will refuse smartphones

Sony: we never will refuse smartphones

The Sony company declared that never will leave the market of mobile phones, despite speculative conversations on this subject. The Japanese producer tries not to lag behind the competitors though sometimes and commits mistakes. Users complain that flagman Xperia Z3 smartphones + suffer from an overheat.

In Arabian Business interview the president and the chief executive officer of Sony Mobile Hiroka Totoka (Hiroki Totoki) declared that the company is not going to bowl off and never will sell business on production of smartphones. He believes that development of devices «Internet of things» will urge on to emergence of new categories of products, in which Sony can show the competitiveness.

The statement is made five months later after in conversation with journalists of Reuters head of Sony Kazuo Hirai reported about plans to get rid of two unprofitable divisions: business on production of smartphones and TVs.
Despite optimistic tone of the message, Totoka warned that in near prospect of Sony Mobile difficulty wait:

Today we see many new players, including from China which try to let out high-quality smartphones, thereby strengthening the competition. We are going to introduce new technologies and to diversify our production in the future even more.

Now we develop clever devices with connection possibility to the smartphone. In the future there will be categories of products which will be connected to a network, to connect the car to the car, to connect the car to the person, and also the person to the person, – declared to Totoki, having let know strategy of future development of the company.

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