The SanDisk company presented new generation a flash stores

The SanDisk company presented new generation a flash stores

The flash stores, or "flash cards" as them call in the people, became an integral part of our everyday life. Students store on them course and theses, business people throw off important presentations and reports on flash cards, and motorists store a MP3 music collection on tiny stores to lose it on the way to work or giving. On the official site the SanDisk company presented new generation improbable a flash stores, presented by two models.

The first model will be pleasant to those who appreciates compactness. SanDisk Ultra Fit in volume of 128 GB is the smallest in the world a flash card of such capacity today. Really, the sizes of the store at so impressive volume impress. In the sizes it is comparable to a 10-tsentovy coin (look a photo above). You can store on such flash card till 16 o’clock video in FullHD permission. Speed of data reading of Ultra Fit reaches 130 mbytes a second, and store cost thus makes 119 dollars.

The second model of the SanDisk Ultra store represents the most capacious flash card of the SanDisk company today and allows to store to 256 GB of data. A gadget not such tiny as his younger colleague, but the huge volume of data got on it compensates any inconveniences. Speed of information transfer in its case is slightly lower – 100 mbytes a second. And the price, on the contrary, higher and makes 199 dollars.

Both a flash store work with the USB 3.0 interface, but also are compatible and to the previous USB 2.0 standard. They are protected from theft of data with the help of official software of the SanDisk Secure Access company so you can be quiet for safety of personal information even if your flash card will be lost. You can already get any of two flash cards at any official suppliers of the SanDisk company.

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