The supercomputer of IBM Watson went in for health care

The supercomputer of IBM Watson went in for health care

The supercomputer of Watson called so in honor of the founder of IBM corporation of Thomas Watson, tried on on itself a lot of the most different roles. He was the culinary specialist, the selling assistant, studied ours твиты and even took part in a television quiz show where won 1 million dollars, having won first place. But his founders always had much more ambitious plans. For example, to make Watson the most skilled and effective adviser in the field of health care.

In November of last year we already told you about IBM plans concerning participation of Watson in processing of diagnostic information and the genetic data collected at thousand patients. Well, the project actively develops, and the supercomputer really can define very soon already, than the specific person is sick and that it is necessary to make for his healing. Whether it is dream of mankind? Exact diagnoses and the most effective plan of treatment with the minimum chance of a medical error.

In the market appears more and more personal gadgets like fitness trackers and the clever hours supplied with a number of sensors for reading of the main vital indicators. Project managers of IBM Watson Health want, that you allowed them to collect data on your physical condition and to send them in the special cloudy Watson Health Cloud service. The supercomputer will carefully analyze a huge data file, studying mankind, its diseases, various tendencies in change of these or those indicators, and to do the corresponding conclusions with which thousands doctors can familiarize.

IBM signs at present contracts with the largest producers of nosimy electronics that consumers of their gadgets could share valuable information with Watson. If you plan to get Apple Watch and want to support this project, you need simply to allow for the HealthKit and ResearchKit appendices to send data on your condition in cloudy storage. Besides producers of electronics the participation in the program already declared such companies, as Jonson & Jonson and Medtronic.

While it is difficult to tell, in what all this will pour out in the future. But we will hope that sooner or later any doctor can simply enter the list of symptoms of the patient into the computer and receive the most probable diagnosis with the detailed description of the plan of treatment.

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