The supercomputer of Watson tests as the culinary specialist

The supercomputer of Watson tests as the culinary specialist

The supercomputer with the program of artificial intelligence of Watson from the IBM company already tested as the selling assistant, and also took part in a school quiz. And how about other professions? It appears, the supercomputer can generate culinary recipes for cooks.

This project was developed in common by the IBM company and editorial office of the known culinary magazine Bon Appetit. The publishing house provided to the computer base from a large number of magazines which contained 9000 various recipes, to realize which it is possible in usual kitchen.

The supercomputer made own database of the received data with cross references, having noted itself, what products are not combined among themselves in the culinary plan. It should be noted that Watson not simply generates recipes, proceeding from "imagination", it also can consider flavoring preferences of the person to these or those products or various kitchen.

The first tests of culinary abilities of a supercomputer were carried out under control of experts of Bon Appetit. Unfortunately, did not do without small defects, however developers report that it is only the first steps of Watson in this area, writes CNet.

At present experts from IBM bring some specifications connected directly with area of cookery, in the supercomputer program. In the future it is planned to issue the appendix for house culinary specialists who can use abilities of a supercomputer of Watson.

It should be noted that at the beginning of this year Watson supercomputer already did some attempts in creation of dishes, however the experiment which has been carried out together with Bon Appetit, showed that similar possibilities of a supercomputer can be used by ordinary amateur culinary specialists in house conditions.

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