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TeraXion’s innovative photonic components and partnership approach help customers around the world design and manufacture industry-defining laser, telecom and optical sensing systems, with more power, speed and precision.

Our Core Business

TeraXion is a leader in the manufacturing of innovative photonic components that incorporate fiber Bragg gratings, low noise lasers and integrated photonics. FBGs have been the cornerstone of our offering for 20 years and TeraXion has successfully applied this technology in four different markets, reaffirming FBGs’ potential in countless highly advanced applications.

Beyond our technology portfolio, our true strength stands in our ability to transform and evolve existing technology to meet our customers’ changing needs. This unique expertise and market-orientation has led TeraXion to manufacture over 300 000 leading-edge photonic components.

Our partnership approach to doing business and our team of over 65 researchers and engineers make us a prime designing and supplying partner for leading companies involved in light and heavy manufacturing, telecommunication, medical equipment, and aerospace and defense.

How can TeraXion help you meet your photonic system needs?

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TeraXion as a Photonic Component Partner

20 years and over 300 000 components, and counting.

Full Solution Team

TeraXion’s team of over 65 researchers and engineers designs innovative, game-changing fiber optic components to help you stay ahead of the curve.

Agile manufacturing capacity

Our agile manufacturing capacity means that TeraXion is your optic component partner in achieving commercial success from prototyping to mass production.

More than a supplier

TeraXion is known for its customer relationship. To date, we have supplied components to more than 300 companies with several applications. We will work alongside your team to develop solutions and tackle your challenges.

Our Technologies

Learn more about leveraging any of our three core photonic technologies for your system.

Fiber Bragg Gratings

TeraXion’s unique expertise in the design and manufacturing of fiber Bragg gratings is at the core of most of our products. These tiny changes to the refractive index make the control of light in fiber optics effortless in a variety of applications, including advanced laser systems, optical communications and sensing.

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Low Noise Lasers

Low noise lasing is the technology behind TeraXion’s sensing and RF communications products. These lasers open interesting avenues for LiDAR and advanced positioning systems as well as radio-over-fiber communication systems.

Micro-optics and integrated photonics

In the last decade, TeraXion has developed an advanced theoretical and applied knowledge of micro-optics and silicon photonics, including innovative assembly techniques. While not yet commercially available, these technologies are some of the most promising for the advancement of photonics.


TeraXion offers an innovative, collaborative work environment to over 180 employees who make solving the challenges of today’s telecommunications, laser systems, and optical sensing their passion.

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Meet our management team

Ghislain Lafrance

Ghislain Lafrance

President and CEO
Claude Carignan

Claude Carignan

Senior Director, R&D
Chantal Desaulniers

Chantal Desaulniers

VP Finance

Mathieu Drolet

Director, Engineering
Daniel Coulombe

Daniel Coulombe

Senior Director, Operations

Erick Pelletier

VP Sales and Marketing
Yves Bouchard

Yves Bouchard

Director, Manufacturing

Helene Lachance

Director, Human Resources
Eric Lemaire

Eric Lemaire

Director, Quality

Carl Paquet

Director, Marketing
François Trépanier

François Trépanier

Director, Technology