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Tunable Pulse Stretcher for Ultrafast Lasers with Diffraction Grating Compressors

René Dionne

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The PowerSpectrum™ TPSR-T tunable pulse stretcher is a compact, robust and cost-effective solution to control pulse durations in chirped-pulse amplification (CPA) systems that use a diffraction grating (Treacy) compressor. The variable tuning feature allows the user to counteract temporal defects from misalignment within the Treacy hardware and offset amplifier-induced nonlinear effects. Tunability also reduces the product development cycle times and compensates for manufacturing variations. The all-fiber construction creates a compact and environmentally stable package suitable for a variety of demanding applications. The result is a customizable femtosecond pulse stretcher that enables ultrafast laser systems that are powerful, low-maintenance, and cost-effective.

Early on, TeraXion recognized the emerging importance of ultrafast fiber lasers for industrial and medical applications. The TPSR-T is specifically designed for the generation of ultrafast pulses as short as 150 fs that are pedestal-free with high energy, average power, and low cost while remaining environmentally stable.

  • Our exclusive FBG dispersion management expertise facilitates accurate phase control, which enables pedestal-free femtosecond pulses.
  • Tunability virtually eliminates the need for Treacy hardware temporal alignment and servicing.
  • Our flexible and user-friendly software options make it easy to integrate the TPSR-T pulse stretcher with any laser design.

Top 5 Features


The TPSR-T can offset amplifier-induced nonlinear effects for optimal performance at all energy regimes.


Pulse-duration tuning enables a single laser to operate in both the picosecond and femtosecond regimes.

Low Cost

The ingenious, all-fiber design of the TPSR-T reduces overall system cost, minimizes maintenance and alignment, and increases productivity.


The TPSR-T is based on the technology of our Telcordia®-qualified telecom products which are still operating after decades of use.


Software integration between the TPSR-T and the laser system enables dynamic and precise pulse control that maintains optimum peak power.

Critical technical specifications

Label Value

Center Wavelength

1 µm band

FBG Spectral Shape


Total Stretching Window

Single Configuration: 800 ps
Double Configuration: 1 600 ps

Dispersion Tuning

ß2, ß3 and ß4